5 Different Web Analytic Tools which helps you in Analyzing your Website

google analytics

Before starting, you should know about Web Analytics. What exactly is Web Analytics? Web Analytics is basically a measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of your web data. The purpose of Web Analytics is to understand and optimize the Web usage. Web Analytics is used to measure the traffic of your website. It can be used as a tool to access and improve the effectiveness of a website. It can also provide the information about the number of visitors and page views.

Web Analytics is of two types: On- site web analytics and off- site web analytics. On- site analytics measures the behavior of visitors on your website and the performance of your website in terms of commercial contexts. Off-site analytics measures the website’s potential audience, buzz, share of voice, etc. that is happening on the internet.

Now let’s talk about the tools which help you in analyzing your website data.

Tools for Web Analytics:

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the best free web analytics tool offered by Google. It generates the detailed statistics about the traffic, which is coming to your website and the sources from where it is coming. It is also used to track and analyze the information about Web activity. It can track the visitors of your website from all referrers, which includes search engines, social networks, and direct visits, referring sites, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and so forth. Google Analytics integrated with Google AdWords; which is an online advertising service in which users can review online advertisements by tracking landing page quality and conversions. Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file. Google Analytics takes some time to update which can be a drawback of it. But overall it is the best analytic tool you can have for your website.

2. Clicky:

Clicky is another web analytic tool which helps you to get real-time analysis including spy view. It offers a free service for one website and a Pro account for more than one website which will take a monthly charge. By its real- time analytics, it lets you observe what current visitors are doing on your website. It is simple to use and gives all the information about your website. You can also check your statistics from anywhere by using Clicky’s mobile version.

3. Open Web Analytics:

Open Web Analytics or OWA, created by Peter Adams, is open source web analytics software which is written in PHP and uses MySQL database.  OWA is used to track and analyze how people are using your websites and applications. It also supports tracking with WordPress and MediaWiki, the two famous content management frameworks.

4. Mint:

Mint is a self-hosted and easy-to-install web analytics tool. It shows the real-time statistics and can track website visitor’s information. It can track the visitors from all the referrers, from where they are coming and also track the popular pages. Mint lets you make any adjustments to make it more compatible for you by using Peppermill, which is a part of the Mint.

5. KISSmetrics:

Kissmetrics is another web analytics tool which tracks the movement of the visitors on the website. By the use of KISSmetrics, you can track the visitors to optimize your business machine. It connects all your data to real people even when people use multiple devices or browsers, it will connect all the data to a single person. In KISSmetrics, you will get to know about everything that a person has done, from the first point to the last.

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